Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jolin, Tellenta, and Mangala Solaris

So, this post is a combination of a new piece and discussion of two older ones that I forgot to post up although I did put them in the galleries.

The oldest one that I forgot to post about was Mangala Solaris.  He was inspired by my piece with the kids playing with the spaceships at the beach (the little girl in that one is actually me when I was itty bitty! haha).  I did a similar one for him, except with a boy playing with a firetail and a comet.  Getting to rainbow-color the text was fun, and helped add to the youthful theme.  I didn't want anything to serious in this one.

The other piece I forgot to post about was Tellenta's.  This one was supposed to be a cartoonish picture where the character realizes that mining ops are just as fun as o.o sov warfare.  I tried to blend the cartoon style with some other typically 'me' elements (e.g. feathered colorful sky).

Lastly we have the most recent sig I completed, which I will admit is something I considered not doing at all.  This was a piece for "The Babe Thread" on FHC, and being female myself, it felt odd doing a signature like this where girls are so objectified.  However, in the end it was a piece that I figured would challenge me on my rather abysmal figure drawing skills.  I had to go back to some of my basic art anatomy books to practice before I even got started.  In the end, I looked at it like an art lesson for myself.

I've got several updates in the commission status page, and I'm simply waiting to hear back from those people to know if I'm on the right track for them or not. If I don't hear back soon, I'll be moving on down the list.  Lots of pieces are mid-progress and my goal is to get them to the point where I can get some feedback... so... hopefully more links and updates soon!

Tootles! o/

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